My Reviews of the Top Rated Air Purifiers

Hey guys!


As you know, I’m all about finding cool products and ways to make our lives better! One of the biggest discoveries I made this past year is the air purifier. These things have been around for years, apparently but I somehow never knew they existed until this year.

It turns out that the air inside our houses, which I don’t know, I would basically think is clean, really isn’t clean at all. It’s gross. It’s actually really gross. It’s full of tons of dust that you don’t always see except when the sun is coming the window, and it’s also full of chemicals from things like furniture and furnishings that are in your house. So, you could be allergic to either the dust or the pollen, and you’re definitely not getting anything good out of the chemicals.

Dust can come from a few different places, but it’s mostly from car exhaust smog from the street and from pollen that comes through the windows. The chemicals are a bit more sneaky. They’re coming off your bed, your chairs, literally everything, I found out. Turns out that in the US we have laws saying that absolutely every piece of furniture has to be treated with flame retardants with things like formaldehyde which are just constantly airing out into your house. Not good for health, obviously.

Anyway, air purifiers basically sit in your house and fan through all the air and take out the dust and the chemicals, both of them at the same time (depending on the air purifier, of course. They have different filters which take out those bad elements, and then they pump out good air that’s actually clean back into your house. People who use the best air purifiers for allergies from pets actually end up not having allergic symptoms in a lot of cases, because the machines take all the fine allergens out of the air which means they’re not always breathing them in.

Once I did the research on the difference they make for your health, I was super excited to get my first air purifier. I ended up buying a BlueAir after a lot of research and reading reviews on It’s the 650E model. I absolutely love it, even though there were definitely some mixed comments online.

I also thought it was great that the review site I used had recommendations for different models that would be good for getting rid of tobacco smoke here, which isn’t a problem for me right now, but I can see how that would make a huge difference if you had a smoking roommate or a neighbor smoking near your window.

This one is totally up my alley, because it’s super sophisticated and convenient. It has a completely automatic setting that I use all the time, which basically samples your air using the fans so the sensors can judge how clean it is. Then it works as hard as it feels like it needs to to bring things to its standards (which I have to say are refreshingly high). It has one of the best filter levels I found in my research, which is HEPA Silent, meaning that it gets things down to 0.1 micron in size. I’m pretty sure no other purifier goes that low, at least not any that I looked at.

My BlueAir has three different stages of filters, so it does a really good job on different types of floating garbage. I don’t have a pet or a smoker to deal with, but the difference in dust in my place is definitely noticeable since I’ve been running it, and it’s also helped with the pollen this spring.

All in all, I’m really glad I made the plunge to get an air purifier, and I would say that the BlueAir is definitely worth the money, even though I haven’t been able to compare it by using other ones. Aside from the fact that it’s kind of pricey, I don’t have any complaints about it. It’s basically set it and forget it, and it makes a noticeable difference. All I can ask for, basically.